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If you're looking for a multi featured WordPress SEO plugin, you've come to the right place. It takes care of your titles, open graph, and twitter cards, as well as creating an XML sitemap. SEOPress Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals have come with big Black Friday Discounts.


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749 User Reviews
749 User Reviews

The SEOPress Black Friday Sale Deal 2022 includes a lot of great deals that will help you save a lot of money without sacrificing the quality of the product.

SEOPress will increase traffic on your site and will boost your business! 

When we say it’s the best! We really mean it! 

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SEOPress Black Friday

SEOPress Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals - 50% Off

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SEOPress Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

SEOPress Black Frida & Cyber Monday Offers Flat 40% Off on its pro plan.

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Hold on to your Hearts because the time of the year that you were waiting for long is just here! The SEOPress Black Friday Sale 2022 has come up with incredible coupons and promo codes. That none can ignore! 

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SEOPress gives its users a breathtaking 50% off at this SEOPress Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday Deal 2022.

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Get a chance to save up to 30% on the SEOPress Pro plan only at this Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2022.

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SEOPress gives a 10% discount at this SEOPress Black Friday Sale And Cyber Monday Deal.

How to Grab SEOPress Black Friday 2022 Discount?

Dropping here are some of the most easy-to-follow steps to get your hands on the most amazing deals of the SEOPress Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2022.

Step 1: Select the scheme that meets your needs and proceed to register.

SEOPress Black Friday Deals

Step 2: You will find an empty field for your coupon code, it will be white boxed.

Step 3: Enter your promotional code of SEOPress Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday Deal 2022 and enjoy the best service ever!

SEOPress Disccount Page

SEOPress Black Friday Pricing Plans

There are two basic plans that SEOPress has to offer to its users, and we will discuss each of them in great detail. Continue reading so that you can choose wisely!

1. Free Plugin 

Titles and meta description tags are critical components of any SEO campaign. They are, in fact, two of the most important factors in on-page SEO, aside from the actual slug you use as a page’s URL.

Controlling exactly what is used in search engines means you have control over how your pages are displayed. SEOPress allows you to customize your title and meta description directly from the plugin.

This plan at SEOPress is available at 0$, which means it is absolutely free of cost with unlimited sites. This plan gives various amazing features namely Installation wizard,

Titles & meta, XML Sitemap, HTML Sitemap, Google Knowledge Graph, Open                   Graph, Twitter Card, Content Analysis, No ads, No footprints, No anonymous data collection, White label via hooks, Intuitive interface, and much more.

2. SEOPress Pro 

The SEOPress Pro plugin gives its users access to unlimited sites with 1 year of updates and support at $39. SEOPress gives its users the advantage of cancellation at any time. Also, the features that the SEOPress Pro gives are so amazing and will likely benefit you a lot.

The features of the pro plan are an add on features to the free plugin, it includes Import SEO metadata from a CSV file, Export SEO metadata to a CSV file, Import Redirects from a CSV file, Google XML Video Sitemap, Google Structured Data Types,

Custom schemas (manual or automatic with advanced conditions), Google Local Business, Google Suggest, Dublin Core, Redirections 301, Robots.txt, Htaccess, Breadcrumbs, and much more.

Why Purchase SEOPress During Black Friday Offer?

SEOPress is the best tool in the market when it comes to optimizing your WordPress.

It owns more than 100000 active installations, 580 customer reviews, and 9000 plus PRO clients. 

The SEOPress Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday Deal 2022 gives its users astonishing discounts of 10%, 20%, 30%, and 50% that will truly benefit you a lot.

It gives free access without any limitations. Also, the features that SEOPress holds are worth the pay! 

We strongly recommend you to not miss these breathtaking discounts at the most awaited SEOPress Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday Deal 2022.

What Is SEOPress?


SEOPress is an integrated system that comprises various features and functions that help you optimize your WordPress site for search engines.

SEOPress gives access to the best tools available on the internet to increase the traffic on your site and ascend your business or content.

SEOPress Pros & Cons

Fully featuredThis is another minor drawback that all SEO plugins have.
There are numerous Google tools available.
Ease of use
Google Local Business
Google XML Video Sitemap
Google Structured Data Types
WooCommerce Integration

Key Features of SEOPress

1. Titles And Metas


Use one or more of the 50 dynamic variables available to you to make your work easier. You can use the “post title,” “site title,” “article author,” and “post date” from the template or create your own.

2. Sitemaps

SEOPress Black Friday Deals-Sitemaps-Plugin-to-manage-Sitemaps-in-WordPress

Search engines use XML sitemaps to help them crawl your website. HTML sitemaps exist to help visitors find the pages they are looking for.

Both assist bots and human visitors in navigating your website and contribute to your overall SEO in a minor way.

Both can be created in less than a minute from within SEOPress.

3. 404 Monitoring

A 404 error occurs when the server is unable to locate the requested resource. The presence of these errors on your website can degrade its performance.

SEOPress- Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals - SEOPress 404 Monitoring

SEOPress provides 404 monitoring, and 301 redirections are created in a matter of seconds. As a result, all error messages are redirected to a unique URL.

4. Content Analysis

SEOPress assists you in optimizing your content for search engines. SEOPress begins by analyzing your content, which can be of any length, and provides relevant tips and tricks for optimizing it in order to attract more traffic.

5. Customer Support

Despite all of the features and facilities that will help you create an SEO-friendly website, you may have some concerns about your content. When you are in trouble, SEOPress’s patient customer support responds and supports you at every step.

6. Dublin Core

You can use SEOPress to add Dublin Core meta tags. Because these are recognized by the government and used by directories, the quality of your material will improve as a result of this feature.

SEOPress Social Media Profile

SEOPress generates Open Graph metadata automatically to improve social sharing on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

Facebook Profile

SEOPress official Facebook page. Discussions about the freemium plugin SEOPress and SEO in general to increase your rankings, sales, and conversion. It has 4.3 stars, 2,153 likes, and 2,398 followers on Facebook.

SEOPress Facebook Page

Twitter Profile

SEOPress’s official Twitter account: Best WordPress SEO Plugin. It has 3,935 Tweets and 4,276 Followers on Twitter.

Linkedin Profile

SEOPress is a powerful plugin for optimizing your SEO, increasing traffic, improving social sharing, creating custom HTML and XML sitemaps, creating breadcrumbs, and more. It has 179 followers on Linkedin.

seopress linkedin

SEOPress Customer Reviews And Testimonials

SEOPress Customer Reviews
seopress cyber monday deal - seopress customer review
seopress black friday discount - seopress customer review

Final Thoughts On SEOPress Black Friday Sale 2022

At last, we would like to conclude by saying that SEOPress is the best ever WordPress optimization tool that gives its users incredible features that none can look away from! 

The SEOPress Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday Deal 2021 will enable you to get all those features that SEOPress holds at the cheapest!

We must say that this is a not to miss a chance at life given once a year. 

Wish you Happy shopping at SEOPress!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SEOPress Pro a plugin or an add-on?

SEOPress Pro is an add-on for the SEOPress free plugin. You must install SEOPress before you can use SEOPress Pro.

Is SEOPress Pro available for free?

Yes, SEOPress is a WordPress SEO plugin that is available for free. You can get the free version from the WordPress official repository.

What is the price of SEOPress PRO?

Unlimited sites for $39 per year. You have the option to unsubscribe at any time.

Can I still use SEOPress PRO if I cancel my subscription?

Yes, of course! You can continue to use the plugin, but updates and support will no longer be available.

Is there a lifetime license available?

No, SEOPress does not come with a lifetime license.

What is the maximum number of sites included in the SEOPress Pro plan?

SEOPress Pro gives you access to an unlimited number of sites.

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