Rocket Theme Black Friday Deals 2023: Get Massive 50% Off Now [Limited Time Offer]

Rocket Theme creates cutting-edge Joomla, WordPress, and Grav templates and themes based on the Gantry 5 framework. The RocketTheme Black Friday Sale is the only time of year when we provide the most significant discounts. There are excellent deals available, with savings of up to 50% off. 


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3409 User Reviews

If you searching for extraordinary themes and templates for your website or blog at reasonable prices then you are at the right place.

Hurry up because this year we have some of the most jaw-dropping coupon codes with the Rocket Theme Black Friday Sale & Cyber Monday Deals 2023. Now you don’t have to worry about the huge prices for Rocket Theme is a very famous and trusted platform. So hang on to get such amazing deals for you to save big on this Rocket Theme Cyber Monday Sale.

Stick around to get hold of them as soon as possible and make the best out of your learning experience!

Rocket theme Black Friday

Latest Rocket Theme Black Friday Deals & Coupons 2023

Best Offer

Get Max 50% off on Rocket Theme Black Friday

Rocket Theme creates cutting-edge Joomla and WordPress templates and themes based on the Gantry 5 framework. For a limited time, RocketTheme is offering a 35 percent discount on Club memberships and is currently Giving Discount During Black Friday Sale, you can save up to 50%!

Rating : 4.7

Popular Rocket Theme Black Friday Coupon Codes

Save Up To 15% on Horizon Joomla Template

Get up to 15% off on buying this Horizon Joomla template on this platform. It is a limited-time offer, so grab it as soon as possible! So, don’t waste your time because its demand is rising day by day and you don’t want to experience a loss by missing out on this one here! Rocket Theme Black Friday deals are here !!

Get Up To an Exclusive 50% Off On Rocket Theme

By applying these RocketTheme coupon codes at the checkout page you will get up to 50% off on your theme. This is an exclusive Rocket Theme Black Friday sale and Cyber Monday coupon code, all together.

This coupon code is indeed one of the most in-demand for customers getting 50%off  is not a small discount that you can get trusted easily on this Rocket Theme Black Friday Deal.

Grav Theme Basic Membership Only At $49

Grab the latest discount offer and get a Grav theme membership for just $49.

This Rocket Theme Black Friday coupon code might be the lowest out of all the promo codes but this is the long-lasting discount code that will prove to be the most beneficial to you and your Rocket Theme purchase! You can get a total of $49 subscription on Grav Theme!

How to Grab Rocket Theme Black Friday Deals In 2023?

You can grab the above-mentioned Rocket Theme Black Friday sale and Cyber Monday coupon codes by following the below-given steps and save use on your purchase!

Step 1: This is a Unique Link that will automatically apply the 50% Discount to all customers.

rocket Theme website url

Step 2. As soon as you land, click on the “Join Now” option located up front. 

RocketTheme-join now

Step 3. Now that you’re able to see the plans and pricing policy of Rocket Theme, choose your desired plan


Step 4: Then Add Products you want to buy to your shopping cart. After that press on the “Checkout” or Proceed to Pay” option.

Step 5: Once you reach the checkout page, copy and paste the coupon code into the apply box called “Discount Code”. And now, your discount has been applied so enjoy this amazing discount.

Rocket theme Checkout

You have successfully applied your Rocket Theme Black Friday or the Cyber Monday coupon code on your purchase!

Rocket Theme Black Friday Pricing Plans


1. Basic Plan At $59 For 3 Months

This plan startup at $59 for 3 months and include a 1 time license. A single license can be handled with one store; it gives full updates of a year about the theme but is restricted to a year only.

2. Standard Plan At $79 For 6 Months

This plan startup at $79 for 6 months and include 2 site license. This one is a year theme service, but it has two store licenses, it can be applied to two separate stores. If you want to run two stores, it is advised that you should go for this standard plan.

3. Plus Plan At $99 For 12 Months:

This plan startup at $99 for 12 months and include 3 site license. This plus pack is for those who are members of dropshipping businesses with many stores. This gives you 5 licenses to use this theme in your five different stores.

4. Developer Plan At $349 For 12 Months

This plan startup at $349 For 12 months and include an unlimited site license. Those who are thinking that it is affordable can get this theme at Rocket Theme Black Friday Deals to grab the theme at a discounted rate. It serves with an unlimited license to use this fabulous theme in many stores you want.

Why Purchase Rocket Theme During Black Friday Offer?

The reason that we suggest the Rocket Theme Black Friday Deals, and the amazing Rocket Theme Cyber Monday coupon codes, is crystal clear! Because of all the features that we have listed above, Rocket Theme has been the topmost choice for people from all over the world and us! 

And let’s be very honest, don’t we want you to save money wherever you can? Rocket Theme Black Friday deals allow you to do exactly the same! And let’s not forget the equally important Rocket Theme Black Friday Coupon Codes for they provide you with a jaw-dropping 50% discount just for you

With this Rocket Theme Black Friday sale and with Cyber Monday promo deals you can make your website creative with world-class features but I will also be able to experience them at jaw-dropping discounts too! So don’t wait and make decisions right now.

What Is Rocket Theme?

rocket theme logo

Rocket Theme offers extraordinary Joomla templates, Grav Themes, and WordPress ideas at the most reasonable prices.

You can find special designed Joomla designs that give your Joomla blog a beautiful and amazing look while providing functionality. You can easily analyze more with the data and brands.

There are most advanced templates and additions designed by using conscious design methods. At Rocket Theme, you can buy various products such as Grav themes, Joomla templates, Extensions, WordPress themes, Extensions, and PhpBB ways. 

Key Features of Rocket Theme

1. Magento Extension and Themes

All Plugin themes provide a lot of features to assist you in showcasing your products to the customers, and they highlight the skill, classiness, and simplicity of using them.

2. PHB Designs

It is suitable with all 4 platforms: Joomla, Grav, WordPress, and Magento. This element allows users to create attractive blogs for your official site.

3. The Gantry Template

It can be used to merge handmade Grav, WordPress, and Joomla features into a specific theme and features to widen the theme and features.

4. Themes of Gravity

This is accessible to CMS platform is advanced, has fast extendability, and easy navigation. It provides many benefits such as one-click configuration, automatic image capture, easy restores and backup systems, and so on.

Final Thoughts On Rocket Theme Black Friday Sale 2023

Here we conclude about the Rocket Theme gives the most reliable and all varieties of tools that need some creativity for beautiful and completely functional websites.

Rather than concentrating on a particular platform, they are really giving themes, templates, and extensions for modern platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Grav, and Magento.

The best thing about them is that they offer very adaptable and reasonable pricing plans for each item and they also give periodically annually and lifetime membership plans!

You can avail of different offers like getting $50 for the Rocket Theme Black Friday sale, or get worth $49 this year as the Rocket Theme Cyber Monday deal! 

Rocket Theme is a choice for more than half a million people all around the world to get their business sites to be the fastest-growing ones out there! Make sure you use the Rocket Theme Black Friday coupon codes with Cyber Monday discount offers and let us know in the comments section about your experience with the same!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Rocket Theme Black Friday deals useful?

Of course. Even during this sale time period, you can take advantage of a variety of special offers and limited choices that can be provided you with facilities while also allowing you to save money.

How long do Rocket Theme Black Friday deals survive?

Rocket Theme Black Friday sales used to occur on Friday every year. However, it has become a pattern and a lucrative business strategy for innovators, these purchases are stretched for some week or so.

What are the advantages of using Rocket Theme?

There are various advantages like a variety of themes irrespective of platforms like Joomla, Grav, WordPress, Magneto, or phpBB Styles. These themes can be customized concerning your design, functionality needs, etc.

Are our subscriptions automatically renewed?

Rocket Theme doesn’t have a consequently repeating charging choice. This is done to guarantee that Rocket Theme clients are not astounded a year after starting sign up when their enrollment restoration date comes around

Are there any refund policies?

No, Rocket Theme does not provide any refund once a membership has been purchased. However, if you still have any purchase issues, you can contact their forum.

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