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1350 User Reviews

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Moqups Massive Sale on this Black Friday

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Moqups Black Friday Deals - Get 50% Discount

Moqups Black Friday deals offers massive 50% off on all plans.

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How To Activate Moqups Black Friday Deal?

The 2022 Moqups Black Friday Sale provides significant savings. Simply follow the steps below to accomplish this:

Step 1: Go to the official website of Moqups.

Moqups Home Page

Step 2: Click on ‘Pricing.’

Moqups Pricing

Step 3: Choose the plan, and then click “Go Pro” or “Go Unlimited” depending on which plan you chose.

Moqups Plans

Step 4: The next step is to sign up. Fill in your information.

Moqups Sign Up Option

Step 5: Then you’ll be asked about how you want to pay. Fill them up.

Step 6: You will see a place where you can enter a coupon code. There, put up the Moqups Black Friday Coupon Code, and you’ll see that your order is getting huge discounts.

Step 7: You are done now. Now, all you need to do Is proceed to checkout.

Moqups Black Friday Pricing Plans

Moqups Black Friday Pricing Plans

I can remove stuff, but for some, starting over may be better. The free plan is primarily useful for testing Moqups since you’re unlikely to build a project.

Annually, monthly payments start at $13. Each plan allows an unlimited number of projects and items, therefore the main factor is user count.

They have three major plans for you :

Plan 1: Creative Team ($ 25 per month) – $ 5 per user, paid annually

Plan 2: Personal ($ 13 per month) – Single user, paid annually

Plan 3: Enterprise: Contact them for this one.

You’ll require a Creative Team unless you’re a one-person design team. More users reduce per-user costs. The monthly charge for 50 users is $ 3, or $ 149. (paid annually).

What Is Moqups?

Moqups Home Page

Entrepreneur launching a website? Need a company website?

Moqups is a business-only platform. It helps organizations and leaders share real-time information with clients and staff.

This application can assist you to manage company growth at every level of business development. Moqups helps organizations produce prototypes quickly and efficiently to get feedback on concepts.

Moqups is a one-stop shop for web-based projects. Our drag-and-drop interface allows designers to implement complicated functionality without changing code.

Moqups Pros & Cons

You can create hotspots to build a low-fi prototype for internal use or direct consumer communication.The free trial only includes one different design.
You can supply reusable elements/images and construct templates to speed up the process.
The new table is more versatile than the old one.

Key Features Of Moqups

Integrative and collaborative efforts:

Moqups connects Dropbox, Google Drive, and Slack. Your personnel can communicate remotely via the cloud (and here are more ways for your team to chat, too). Receive design feedback directly and make changes without resubmitting.

Organize Your Tasks:

Drag pages into folders to reorder them. The Pages Panel simplifies folder browsing. Master Pages automatically update associated pages.

Integrated Fonts and Graphics Library:

The built-in library has thousands of icon sets. There are also ready-to-use stencils and stencil kits for iOS and Android app building. Align, resize, rotate, and style objects.

Bulk edit, group, rename, and lock components. Rulers, grids, and guides allow accurate adjustments. Integrating Google Typefaces lets you choose from many fonts. Advanced choices let you customize the text for your designs.

Additional Features:

PDF or PNG your work. Snap-in alignment helps align things. Scale without compromising quality. Add photos. One-click editor (beginners may encounter a learning curve, although it is not significant).

Conclusion: Moqups Black Friday Deal 2022

Moqups is a great platform as a whole. It worked exactly as promised, and even though there were a lot of options, nothing was too hard to figure out.

We’ve told you everything you need to know about Moqups in this article. We strongly suggest that you use Moqups Black Friday Coupon Codes to save a lot of money on your order. Make sure to get as much as you can out of it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Moqups a free service?

One of the best-known free Web UI mockup tools is Moqups. As a 100% web-based app, any hopes of finding a desktop client are doomed.

How much does Moqups cost?

For a single user, Moqups costs $ 19.00 per month. It’s also possible to get a free version.

Is Moqups API-enabled?

No, They do not offer an API

Can I use Moqups in my school setting?

Certainly! They are thrilled that schools, colleges, and universities are including Moqups in their curricula, and they are always ready to offer educational institutions free, feature-rich accounts.

Is Moqups safe with my data?

They know that the projects that their clients work on are sensitive and private. So, they use SSL to make sure that all of their messages are secure. All data is kept safely and is backed up regularly in different places around the world.

What are the limits of Moqups’s Free Plan?

The Free Plan excludes master pages, project archiving, privacy settings, and the ability to export to PDF or PNG.

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