Easy Digital Downloads Black Friday Deals 2022: Get 25% Off

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1300 User Reviews

Are you looking for Easy Digital Downloads Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals?

Here is your chance to maximize your gains; all the information you need is right here. Because of the critical nature of the marketing process, every organization needs access to a solid marketing funnel.

Easy Digital Massive Sale on this Black Friday

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Easy Digital Black Friday Deals - Get 25% Discount

Easy Digital Black Friday deals offers massive 25% off on all plans.

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You’ve reached the right place if you’re looking for the most recent Easy Digital Hosting coupons. Take advantage of these exclusive deals from Easy Digital Hosting this Black Friday:

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How To Activate Easy Digital Downloads Black Friday Deal?

Get huge discounts with the 2017 Easy Digital Black Friday Sale. Just follow the steps below to accomplish this:

Step 1: Firstly go to the Easy Digital website

Easy Digital Home Page

Step 2: Now you’ll get to a page where you can choose the extensions you need.

Easy Digital Extensions

Step 3: All done. It’s that easy. Then you fill in the rest of the information and buy whatever you need.

Easy Digital Checkout page

Easy Digital Downloads Black Friday Pricing Plans

Easy Digital Downloads Black Friday Pricing Plans

Personal Pass:

The starting membership level is Personal Pass. This is an introduction to eCommerce for those with no prior experience. For only $99 a year, you may take advantage of this deal.

Easy Digital Downloads’ core functionality is here, along with some extras like payment processor integration.

With this, you may set up payment processing through Amazon Payments or PayPal, whichever service best suits your needs.

Extended Pass:

Those who want the most bang for their buck should go elsewhere; the Extended Pass is not for the frugal.

All the benefits of the basic plan, plus extras like managing subscriptions to your services and products, are yours for just $199 a year. As is customary, it includes a gateway for making financial transactions.

Professional pass:

A professional strategy, as its name implies, is designed for experts in the field. You get a tonne of extras, on top of what’s already included in the Personal and Extended Passes. It has an infinite number of upgrade possibilities.

There are also paid integrations with services like MailChimp, Zapier, strip, etc. The price of $ 299 gets you everything you need to launch a successful online store.

All-Access Pass:

The all-access pass is the ultimate service pack. This plan is excellent for entrepreneurs and freelancers. This package includes unlimited extensions, updates, and other features.

It lets you track everything you and your customers do, tells you the top and worst-selling products, and helps you stock up or down. If you want your firm to soar or to become a great freelancer, this approach is invaluable.

What Is Easy Digital?

What Is Easy Digital

Everyone shops are online nowadays. Buying anything online requires a tangible item, of course. Digital products?

This was inconceivable a decade or two ago, but digital downloads make it possible now. Digital products sell in minutes.

It’s the ideal platform for selling hard-earned digital stuff. You may easily participate in the Easy Downloads Black Friday bargain of 2022 and get the greatest deals.

This article has all the Black Friday 2022 information you need. First, we’ll detail the service’s specs so you know what to do.

Easy Digital Pros & Cons

Easy Digital Downloads are very smoothExtensions and interactions are complicated.
Processing money and adding new features is simple.The default design of the product is pretty outdated
Easy Digital manages several of their popular, vital add-ons themselves.the checkout experience is average
Very light software, and nice performance. Clean, well-documented code.Disputes can arise from time to time at Plugins developed for this system

Key Features Of Easy Digital

Shopping cart

  • supports Stripe and PayPal, for free
  • customize action button text
  • allow potential customer cart saving
  • support registered user or guest checkout
  • require the agreement of terms before purchase

Detailed reporting

  • Gain actionable insights into your business
  • filter reports by specific dates and products
  • track refunds and get control of churn
  • export store data to CSV file
  • monitor all aspects of your store

Order management

  • Manage order status
  • reassign customer details
  • advanced refunds feature
  • role-based capabilities

Customer management

  • Maintain a separate record for each customer
  • View, edit, or delete any customer record
  • track customer lifetime value and activity
  • link customer records to user profiles
  • create a customer account page

Conclusion: Easy Digital Downloads Black Friday

If you’re just getting started in the business sector or already have a thriving enterprise that you’d like to expand, you can’t afford to ignore the importance of having a web presence.

If you’re the kind of freelancer who wants to make the profession his life’s work, this tool will be your reliable sidekick.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy plan extensions separately?

I’d say that’s quite possible. Here’s the procedure. Start by selecting the ideal extension from their catalog website.

What If there’s an extension I don’t want?

This is also a plausible scenario. If you change your mind about an extension after purchasing a plan, you can cancel at any time. Although every add-on is intended for your convenience, you are free to decline any you find unnecessary.

Will extra support cost money?

No. Our service support is completely free of charge. Nothing more to pay beyond the plan’s fixed fees. Furthermore, all assistance is provided in real-time.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

Putting it another way, if you do that, then you can utilize any and all of the add-ons. they won’t interfere with the use of any third-party add-ons you installed. However, Easy Digital Downloads is not obligated to provide any kind of assistance to you.

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