Coursera Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promo Codes 2021

Do you want to empower yourself with all the people around you with knowledge offered like never before!? Well, you must thank your lucky stars because you have landed on the correct page! 

With enormous and super interesting courses you can get CERTIFIED just at Coursera! With the trust of 77 million people, Coursera has always stood up to our expectations and even beyond that!

Can you imagine how cool it would be if we get the courses that we want at a very minimal price!?

Allow us to break it to you that the Coursera Black Friday sale and the enchanting Coursera Cyber Monday offer is just around the corner and YOU can be the lucky one who takes its benefit like it’s the end of the world! 

We will not leave any stone unturned for you to grab the most advantageous Black Friday coupon codes! So stick around!

Carefully chosen top-quality Coursera Black Friday, Coupons & Promo Code 

As much as we love seeking knowledge, finding yourself some bomb coupons for financial aid isn’t a task we love but hey we have everything sorted for you, beforehand! Get hold of these amazing Coursera Black Friday deals before they expire!

1. Coursera Black Friday deal- 50% off on any purchase!

You see how profitable Coursera Black Friday sales can be!? You get a flat 50% off on your Black Friday purchase! Education is now easily accessible and comes with some insane price drops! Don’t forget to redeem your 50% off Coursera deal now!

2. Give 50% and TAKE 50% off for yourself- Coursera Cyber Monday offer

True friends are the ones who will benefit themselves but will never forget you! This sale season get yourself any Coursera course, refer it to a friend with this Coursera Cyber Monday coupon code and BOTH OF YOU get a jaw-dropping 50% off on your purchases!   

3. Coursera Black Friday exclusive offer! 

Get yourself one of the most exclusive offers which are for the premium lovers, the Coursera Plus plan, you can get at a flat $399! Imagine getting a Coursera Plus plan at a discounted price!

Told you! Bomb coupon codes for you to maximise your profit! Well, Coursera Black Friday sale is at your service!

4. 100% FREE COURSES- Coursera Black Friday insane deal!

This Coursera Black Friday Offer is one of the most demanding plans of all time! This is why such coupon codes get exhausted very quickly.

Under this Coursera discount, you can avail a whopping 100% off which means free courses on Coursera!

How to Grab Popular Coursera Black Friday 2021 Discount?

In the case of Coursera Black Friday super saver promo codes and Coursera Cyber Monday sales, you can stick to us to get hold of some of the wonderful 2021 promotional coupons!

Step 1: Go to to add your fancied courses to your shopping cart. When you have finished shopping, select the key “Checkout” or “View Cart,” then go to the Coursera checkout page.

coursera cyber monday deals

Step 2: Search the Coursera Checkout page for the “Coupon Code” or “Promo Code” field. Copy and paste your Coursera Black Friday discount code into it when it.

Step 3: Voila! Your Coursera Black Friday and the super-saver Coursera Cyber Monday promo codes have been applied! Now go enjoy the most affordable courses sitting at your place!

Coursera Black Friday 2021 Sale Overview

This goes without saying that Coursera is one of the most trusted sites and e-learning platforms that people of every age group love!

Needless to say, the amazing features that it comes with! However, we should not forget that Coursera isn’t free and comes with a price, and for those who don’t know those prices are the real deal that many people back off from seeking knowledge.

Congrats for you have landed on the best page that will let you save lots and lots of money because of the Black Friday and the best Coursera Cyber Monday sale which comes-

With various discounts like you get the Coursera Plus plan at just USD 399  for a year, get 50% off and give your friend a 50% discount as soon sign up with our Coursera Black Friday or the Coursera Cyber Monday coupon code! So,

let’s just put this out there that if you don’t buy Coursera courses from this Black Friday sale you are missing out on a lot!

Disclosure of Coursera Black Friday Sale

1) Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and won’t add any additional cost to you. However, if you purchase any Coursera course using these links, we might get a small commission as profit without costing you anything extra.

You can consider this as a reward for our hard work to create awesome content & maintain this website for you.

2) Coursera Black Friday Deal 2021 is not yet live. We will update this page as soon as this deal goes live. Till then you can explore the regular offers on the Coursera website!

What Is Coursera?


Coursera stores online courses from the finest institutions across the globe, commonly known as Massive Open Online Courses. It has more than 200 partners in 48 countries at the moment.

Universities including Stanford, Duke, Penn, Princeton, Michigan, Beijing, and HEC Paris are included as partners. Coursera has also begun partnerships with businesses such as IBM, Google and PwC, which also run courses on Coursera.

Key Features of Coursera.

Just like the amazing offers that Coursera has in store for us on this Cyber Monday and Coursera Black Friday sale, it has various features that we would never want to avoid because of its enchanting nature! 

1. World-class quality- Coursera is very famous for its experts and instructors, you can find experts from 200+ universities and companies. Do you know what comes with that? A world-class diversified experience that you might not get at any university.

2. Affordability- now with Coursera Black Friday and the much-awaited Coursera Cyber Monday sale, education is even more affordable and accessible than before!

Because imagine getting a 100% discount on Coursera courses and a 50% discount on any purchase from Coursera.

3.The variety of skills- Coursera offers very relevant skills that are in demand at this time and will always be job relevant so that you master the essential career skills! 

4. Another one is on its flexibility! –  Coursera is undoubtedly the most flexible e-learning platform out there as you can watch the pre-recorded sessions anywhere and everywhere, on your mobiles or your PCs,

No matter where you are! Coursera is compatible with numerous kinds of devices!

The various kinds of Black Friday Coursera promos!

There are hundreds of sites that will tell you and provide you Coursera Cyber Monday coupon codes or the very amazing Coursera Black Friday sale but

Nobody ever tells you the various types of coupon codes that Coursera has for you that you can use differently!  So here we are with the list and to make your work even simpler! Use them wisely!

1. Gift cards for friends

 This is a type of Coursera promo code that will help you to not only grab discounts for yourself but will also facilitate you so that you can gift various Coursera gift cards to your friends so that they can use it for their benefits as well!

2. Free courses

These are again a type of coupon code that causes Black Friday sales to go higher than ever! This will let you learn and gain knowledge for absolutely no money! 

3. Course-specific promo codes

The course-special Coursera promo codes as the name suggests will give you discounts on a particular course or field so that anyone and everyone,

Who is interested in that field can use these coupon codes at their benefit and redeem lots of discounts without actually searching it anywhere else!

You’ll see these types of promo codes the most around the Coursera Black Friday sale and Coursera Cyber Monday deals! 

3. Promo codes involving the percentage of discounts.

These are one of the most common Coursera Black Friday and Cyber Monday Coursera discount codes that you will find on the internet!

These include all the Coursera coupon codes such as the one given above 50% off on any purchase, get 50% off and take 50% off! Grab them before they are gone!

Why Purchase Coursera Black Friday Offer?

What if we tell you that the world’s most famous e-learning website has a sale going on? A sale that has never been introduced before! For the first time on Coursera,

You can get the Coursera Plus plan at flat $399 for an entire year! A 50% off on any purchase and 100% discount to get the courses free! Exclusively this Coursera Black Friday sale!

We must tell you that this Black Friday and Coursera Cyber Monday deal is a Win-Win if you want to satisfy those learning cravings and develop some of the greatest career essential skills! 

Along with all the Coursera Black Friday coupon codes and the much-awaited Coursera Cyber Monday deals and offers you will be able to save an enormous amount of money, and frankly speaking who doesn’t like to save their money wherever possible!? 

So make sure you do not miss this wonderful opportunity to learn at the most affordable prices of all times at Coursera. Also, drop in your experiences.

With the Coursera Black Friday or the Cyber Monday coupon codes for we love your feedback as much as we love Black Friday deals!

Pricing and Plans at Coursera Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale!!


If you have gone through Coursera, you might have observed an unclear pricing policy with a lot of free courses.

With the free courses, Coursera has various other guided projects, specialisation courses, professional certificates, MasterTrack certificates and it even offers you an official degree! 

 It is understood that the free courses on Coursera have certain limitations which we will discuss further. 

1. Free courses– since it is a free facility, there are a few limitations that might put you off. 

a) Those limitations are, no certification which means you won’t be awarded a completion certificate after completing the course. 

b) You won’t have any access to the assignments that Coursera has in store.

c) You will be all by yourself with the Coursera free course which means you won’t get any instructor.

2. Guided projects- From the top teachers and universities in the world. These courses include auto-graded and peer-reviewed jobs, video conferences and community conferences.

You are entitled to acquire a shared e-Course Certificate for a nominal price after completing a course.

3. Specialisation- under this you get to master a specific skill with an average time commitment of 1-3 months of learning and price starting at 39 USD per month.

4. Professional certificate- these are basically courses that will make you job-ready for any in-demand career. Courses starting at 39 USD per month will require you to put an average time commitment of 1 to 6 months. 

5. Mastertrack certificate- now this is one of the most demanded courses at Coursera because you can get a University issued certificate and credit towards a degree which is why it is called MasterTrack certificates.

Costs starting at 2000 USD, you will have to give at least 4-7 months for this certificate.

6. Degree – this is your chance to own your bachelor’s or your master’s degree sitting at home with Coursera! Now since this is your bachelor’s degree this will cost you around 9000 USD and you will have to commit to it for at least 2 to 4 years. 

We hope that you know, we do have your back this time as well with the Coursera Black Friday coupon codes as well as the Coursera Cyber Monday promo codes that will help you save lots and lots of money!

So don’t forget to redeem those so that you get that financial aid and learn from the best! 

Faqs Related to Black Friday and Coursera

Can I try the Coursera Plus plan free before purchasing the Coursera Black Friday sale?

Yes! Before you decide to buy, you may benefit from a 7-days free trial to study with Coursera Plus. If you subscribe, Coursera records your payment details, but you are not charged until your free trial lasts 7 days. So, if you don’t want Coursera Plus, simply terminate your trial and no price is paid!

Is there a limit regarding the number of certificates that I can achieve with Coursera?

Absolutely not! At Coursera achievement has no dead-ends! You will have a certificate for every course no matter what it is, from guided projects to professional certificates that you complete you will always get a certification.

On which all platforms will my Coursera certificates be beneficial to me?

You may view and save them on your LinkedIn profile, add them to your curriculum vitae and share them with your network. You may also share these abilities with an existing employer so that you can demonstrate your new skills and your ability to use them.

Why do I see so many expired Coursera coupons online?

Well keeping in mind the amazing features, the brand name, the certification of Coursera it is true that many people opt for course courses at least once in their lives but back off as soon as they hear the prices of the courses. Which is one of the reasons why Coursera has some kind of sale going every now and then. Because of the rising demand, it is possible that the coupon that you’ve been applying for has been exhausted. Resulting in the expired coupon on various sites.

Can I combine Coursera Black Friday with the Coursera Cyber Monday coupon codes for my purchase?

Unfortunately, no most of the coupons are made for one-time use only but not to worry, since we do have many other Coursera coupon codes on our website from which you can always choose before buying any Coursera plan!

Coursera Alternatives Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals

Conclusion of the Coursera Black Friday 2021 Sale

To quickly wrap it all up, we’d say that Coursera is indeed an amazing platform to get your certification from and to satisfy those learning cravings at your own pace!

Now you don’t even have to worry about the sky-high prices because we have brought you very carefully chosen Coursera Black Friday and the top quality Coursera Cyber Monday promo codes which will be of great help for you to save huge amounts of money at your end! 

With coupon codes like 50% off, 50% off give and take, a whopping 100% off means the free courses anyone and everyone will have a chance to acquire knowledge and apply for those certificates on their own!

Now while serving others, you do not forget about yourself and save those bucks for you as well before they are gone. Grab the opportunity right now and make a wise decision of investing in yourself for a better future! 

Do not forget to tell us about your experience course with the Coursera  Black Friday coupon codes and the Coursera Cyber Monday promo codes! Happy shopping!

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