Black Friday Statistics, Trends & Latest Insights 2023

Black Friday is indeed one of the most awaited days for shoppers around the world. This shopping day gives amazing deals and discounts on software, shopping items, and various other products. 

Black Friday has evolved from a US holiday sale to a global commerce event, and Cyber Monday, with the advent of e-commerce companies, has now become a date on every marketer’s calendar.

Hence, we have compiled the latest Black Friday Statistics and Trends that you must know in 2022. 

In this page, we have covered everything that includes: 

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Amazing Black Friday Statistics, Trends & Graphs For 2022

1. Around 108 million people in US reported shopping during the Black Friday Season Sale 2021. 

According to Statista, almost 108 million individuals in the United States alone stated they planned to shop on Black Friday. Although many individuals are scared off by the notion of strolling around a crowded shopping area, the amazing offers entice them to go shopping.
Black Friday cyber monday statistics
Source: Statista

2. Around 88 million people shopped online during Black Friday in US.

(Source: NRF)

During the year 2020, online purchasing surpassed in-store buying. Although the traffic increased in 2021, internet shopping usage increased much more. Online holiday sales in November and December increased 5% year on year globally to $1.14 trillion, and 9% in the United States to $257 billion.

In 2021, 88 million customers shopped online on Black Friday alone.

3. Black Friday in 2021 sold 23% more than Cyber Monday 2021

Black Friday was the best day to shop for deals for many years. In the last few years, however,

Cyber Monday has now taken its place as the biggest shopping day in the US every year.

In 2021, the trend changed, and sales on Black Friday were 23% higher than those on Cyber Monday. The sales on Cyber Monday were 11 percent higher a year ago.

4. The total revenue for 2021 in Black Friday was around $200 billion. 

Even though stores offer huge discounts on Black Friday, online sales are still very high all over the world. In fact, some stores make the most money they do all year on Black Friday, even though they are selling things at deep discounts.

According to numbers released by Adobe, Black Friday sales in 2020 were expected to bring in around $188 billion. Even though a lot of brick-and-mortar stores were closed or had shorter hours because of the pandemic.